Aug 30, 2018


Overnight ferry from Stockholm (Sweden) to Helsinki (Finland)

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Aug 29, 2018


I am back home from my 10 countries Northern Explore tour

In this nice Hotel in St. Petersburg where I stayed for 2 nights,

lived a Hotel cat ! He was very friendly not shy at all and I noticed that cats are well liked in Russia.

The Hermitage museum. I learned that about 74 cats, of both sexes (but neutered), are living in the basement of the museum.  There are kitchens for preparing their food, and even a small hospital.

Well thought ! They keep the famous museum mouse free !

and I found that my home cat Kim squats now our bathroom as new sleeping place !!

Aug 4, 2018


Linking to Black and white weekend

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Camera Critters
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Wedding at the beach near Amsterdam

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I have put all weekend memes together because I am going on a rather big trip as you can see below.I am not sure to be able to participate during my trip and probably will have no time for comments.But I will try to write a travel diary on my Writer Cramps blog

I will be back end August

Aug 1, 2018


Dreaming in the heat !

I think there is some danger to jump, it's too high !

It's so nice that it doesn't rain, I love to sleep on the dry grass !