Jun 3, 2017


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My mother's day bouquet in a vase

My favorite picture is this cute dog I spotted on a flea market.

I don't know how long Arthur's whiskers are in inches, but certainly some are 7 cm long !

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Lady Fi said...

Sweet shots.

Claire MW said...

What a lovely Mother's Day bouquet. I hope they lasted a long time. Cute pup taking a break, and Arthur is handsome as always!

Jim said...

Hi Gattina. Those roses are sooo pretty, especially for Mother's Day. Arthur is a special cat. My mother taught me that a cars's whiskers are as long as it takes to be the same width as it's body. This is how they know if the rat hole is big enough to accomidate the cat to enter. She said some are feelers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers for Mother's Day. Very nice. The dog is adorable. Arthur certainly does have long whiskers. He is so adorable! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Patti said...

Pretty posies in your vase. Always nice to see Arthur.