Apr 19, 2017


I overlook the whole room ! That's why I am sitting on the table !

I am very occupied as you can see !

Of course I observe the entrance door !

No, I am not offended, that's my normal face !


carol l mckenna said...

Always love photos of your sweet cats and your fun captions ~ thanks,

Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

Trubes said...

Outstandingly gorgeous, I love the picture of Arthur Master of all he surveys, just as a point of interest which cat is the 'Boss Cat'...
They all look very laid back,
best wishes,
ABCW team.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your cats are outrageously funny!

Roger Owen Green said...

is that a real cat on the table or a cat statue? ;-)

Joy said...

Love the first photo, it could have been worshiped by the ancient Egyptians in a previous life.