Jan 14, 2017


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3. Creature

Bags for the painting class

I had to take my 18 year old cat Pookie to the groomer to have her claws cut. I don't dare to do it. Since she is deaf she loves driving in a car ! Here she just moved when I wanted to take a picture of her looking out of the window.

A real and a ceramic creature, Arthur and his "brother"

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Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I had to look twice at that last shot. Looks like you enjoy painting class. Have a wonderful weekend.

Claire MW said...

I love the painting with the mountains - it is beautiful! Such rich colours too. I think you get bonus points on the letter "B" for the blurry picture of your cat in the car! Arthur looks very comfortable with his silent friend!

Jim said...

Hi Gattina. You have a lot of bags for painting, do you have to take them to lessons each time you go? I am glad that you enjoyed it. About 50 years ago I took a painting class. I learned a lot of mechanics of the process and various techniques but not really how to paint a nice picture.
I feel sorry for Pookey having to be doctored. But then at 18, I suppose in a way they are keeping him alive and perky.

Anonymous said...

Love the first shot. Oh my, she is certainly an old lady. Glad she doesn't mind traveling. Love the shot of Arthur and his brother. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!