Jul 16, 2016


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Arthur the cat

Son and grandson


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Jim said...

Wonderful pictures, Gattina. I am in love with Arthur the cat (Oops, its a 'he'). We have never had a solid color cat, nor a calico one. First on my list would be a black one and second white.
Son and Grandson are nice looking, having fun on a nice cool morning walk. I don't remember ever seeing any hills in Belgium, we must have ridden up the river bottoms to Brussels from our tour ship at Le Havre. I don't remember hills driving from Honfleur to Bruges either. We came from Paris, France, driving and staying at Honfleur and then up to Bruges for a four night stay.

Claire MW said...

Arthur looks like a cat with a message to tell! I hope he is learning to type so he can tell us his secret! Looks like a lovely walking spot for your son and grandson.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Our Molly the Cat likes to sit on my keyboard, too. She doesn't care if I'm working. I love that about her.

Anonymous said...

I just love Arthur! He's always so full of character. Great shot of your son and grandson. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!