Mar 23, 2016


Fortunately I weigh 7 kilogram and not 15 lbs ! that's more than the double !

This knife is dangerous !  I cut my paw !

I am not a killer ! the mouse died from a heart attack !

Let me finish my grooming before I look at your new USB-Key !

I never play ! What should I do with a Kangaroo ?


Pietro Brosio said...

They are pretty!

Trubes said...

As ever ,
such adorable Kitties, the white cat does look enormous, maybe it's the angle, I've written something about my Kitten cat this week!
best wishes,
ABCW team.

Melody said...

Your posts always make me smile.... i love the stories your cats tell

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

carol l mckenna said...

Always love your cat shots and great captions too and photography!

Happy Weekend coming to you ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

We do have one thing in common for sure, and that is the love for cats. Love this post with all the kitties.

Powell River Books said...

Our old cat used to bring mice in and put them in the bathtub to play with until the deed was done. It wasn't a nice surprise to clean up. - Margy

Roger Owen Green said...

Our cats are on a diet, per the vet's order. Progress is slow, but actual.