Feb 11, 2016


Lots of colors on this palette

Mushrooms in our garden

Delicious olives


Albert y Mara said...

Photo our three most attracts. More often as a tapa with a glass of Rioja. Olives with garlic.

Kati said...

great pics although I had to look real close to see what the first one was at first ;)

Melody said...

Hi Gattina....back for Thursday Challenge... looking at the possivilities for leaving a comment... i see that Google automatically gets my info... I try to do it another way... the others options i see i can not use... i don't use livejournal, wordpress.com, typepad or AIM

I do not know how Blogger works but on most blogs from blogger i can use the same entry-info as i always use... but not on your blog...
Normaly my info is: Melody - http://melodymusic.nl

Lovely entries for 'lots', the mushrooms are favorite