Feb 25, 2015


Rosie considers to eat some grass

Playing games with Grandson Toby

Kim at the groomer

Pookie drinks only out of a glass !


Arthur Schenck said...

I love those photos! And, cats can make good models!

My ABC Wednesday

Gerald (SK14) said...

not a cat person myself but these are nice

Reader Wil said...

Your cats have stolen my heart!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Roger Owen Green said...

Is Pookie a bit spoiled? Just asking!


Unknown said...

My kids had that same play mat. My cats drink out of a vase that is now theirs since they ate the plant that was in it years ago.
Happy Wednesday.

Nora said...

so cute when he drinks out of the glass!

Nonnie said...

I've never seen a cat drink out of a glass! I bought a fountain for my kitties; they drink a lot more water now. Youngest son bought one first for his kitty because he liked to drink from the faucet. White cat seems to be showing Toby that he owns the mat! Neither of my cats would stay still as Kim is- what a calm kitty.

Trubes said...

Your cats are Gorgeous,
I like Pookie drinking out of a glass.
My daughter's cat will only drink from a dribbling tap,
Lovely shots of your dear pets,

Best wishes,