Aug 5, 2014



Duo in black and white


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jabblog said...

Cats choose the strangest places to sit. Had the dishwasher just finished a cycle and Arthur went in for the warmth?

Nonnie said...

You had presence of mind to capture your precious kitty sitting in the dishwasher. I didn't, no did I when she hopped into the microwave when I was taking my coffee out and preparing to micro my oatmeal. great job!

ellen b. said...

Fun choices for D with some great models!

Roger Owen Green said...

I've not washed my cats in the dishwasher yet... Maybe next time!
ROG, ABC Wednesday

Reader Wil said...

Lovely photos, Gattina!I have seen the ceremonies in Belgium commemorating the beginning of WW I. Very moving and solemn.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Leslie: said...


abcw team

Unknown said...

The cat in the dishwashing is a really funny pic.

SamuraiFrog said...

Cute! My cat used to sleep in the sink, so the dishwasher's a new one, but that's really adorable.

ChrisJ said...

My cat has a number of favorite sleeping places. It used to be just one or two, but lately he has added three or four more. Excellent take on D and your cats.