Dec 25, 2013


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Thanks to the one who invented  Xmas ! It stems from a secular attempt to remove the religious tradition from Christmas by taking the "Christ" out of "Christmas", its use dates back to the 16th century !

For me it came on purpose for the letter X !

My X-mas cats

and for those who want to see them as humans !


Louisette said...

Merry Christmas.

Roger Owen Green said...

Actually, the X in Xmas stands for Christ. Merry Xmas.

SandyCarlson said...

Your blog is always fun and filled with joy. Thanks, and merry Christmas!

Dzjiedzjee said...

Hahha! I love the last picture!! Great work ;-)

I wish you a great weekend! ;-)

Leslie: said...

I wrote about how and why X in Xmas is acceptable. The X stands for Christ. Love your kitties and hope your Christmas was wonderful.

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