Jan 9, 2013


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Happy New Year to all of you, which we start with the letter Z !


The zapper

On the zenith

Zoom in

New ! The Saturday Photohunter themes have more or less always the same words and need something new to make it more interesting for those who love to photograph.  Here is the list for the whole year 2013. If you are interested have a look "Themes in phrases"


Leslie: said...

It's amaZing how you manage to get the ABCW letter of the week to fit your catZ!!!

abcw team

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Gattina, you are adorable!I love your necklace!
And great Z words for the day, thanks for these beautiful pictures!

Janet said...

Love those zssssssss!

Roger Owen Green said...

Clever choices, esp with 3 pictures of zzzzz.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Richard Lawry said...

a very zippy post

An Arkies Musings

imac said...

Another round of ABC done and I bet you ready for another whizz round.

lisa said...

Your kitty looks VERY Zen! Great shots and words for Z-day.

Wanda said...

Gattina, I have truly enjoyed this year with your and your darling cat routines. Love the picture of you in the first shot...so cute.

My neighborhas 5 cats, but none as cute or clever as yours.

Joy said...

Love the one on the zenith, so funny, nothing is going to get past that cat. The zen of cats, oh yes.