Nov 24, 2011


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a little more than a week ago, I was still enjoying these beautiful skies at the Red Sea in Egypt.


Joyful said...

Beautiful scenes. So I assume it was safer there than it appears to be right now.

Sylvia K said...

And beautiful skies they are, Gattina! Looks like such a delightful place! Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you have a great weekend!


diane b said...

That is the good thing about photos you can relive your holidays by looking at lovely pictures like these.

Gattina said...

Answer for Joyful :
The Red Sea is far away from Cairo, we didn't notice anything people all were as usual. It's just as if you have riots in Washington, but living somewhere in North Dakota you also won't notice anything !
On the other hand a tour operator would never send tourists into a place where it is dangerous. I certainly wouldn't go to Cairo now !

Unknown said...

Such a treat to see palm trees and warm beaches. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Kim, USA said...

Love to be in this place!


Kala said...

Beautiful scenery. I want to go on a holiday there, Gattina!!