Jul 3, 2011


more participants here


more participants here at Pet Pride

A charming little guest looking through the window of my hotel in Istanbul

The prayer dog ! Each time the mosque called for prayers "Aaaalaaaah" the dog called for prayers too : "aaaaouuuuuuuu" ! What a cute concert ! He was on the roof of a house on the 5th floor !

This sea gull observed what I was doing on the hotel roof !

In view of some mice to catch

Not nice, too intimate

relax !


magiceye said...

lovely captures!!

We love LUNA said...

Oh là là, amazing critters!
These pictures are wonderful, lovely bird, but my favorite is always ROSIE picture!
purrs and love

eileeninmd said...

Cute series of critter photos. I like the story of the dog on the roof.

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with Eileen...I like the dog on the roof calling the faithful to prayers!
Of course, I always love your cats, my friend, and I also like the first photo of the dove at the window.

imac said...

A singing dog at Church then.lol.

jabblog said...

Dogs on roofs and cliff edges worry me . . . but I'm sure they understand the limits (at least, I think I'm sure!)
Lovely photos, as always - I think you have a camera lens instead of eyes;-))

Sylvia K said...

Yes, I love the dog on the roof, too! And we always love to see Rosie!

Sam and Sylvia