Feb 10, 2011


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Skywatch Friday

The first sunshine and blue sky since 6 weeks or more !


Sylvia K said...

What vivid blue skies they are when they finally got there!! Gorgeous! Terrific captures for the day and I bet you had fun out blinking in all that sunlight after so much gray! That's what I'm doing right now! There's so much sun pouring through the windows over my desk I can't believe it!! Enjoy your weekend, Gattina! Hugs to Arthur and Rosie and Pookie!


quilly said...

Wonderful! I wish you much sunshine!

I looked up the Philips sunlamp as you suggested and found that the ones available here have horrible reviews and burn out in just a few weeks, and -- as I said -- replacement bulbs aren't available. Maybe I'll haver to go to Europe to buy one!

Wasserfrau said...

It's a real pleasure to have a blue sky again, I agree with you. I like your pictures, especially the second one with the trees reflecting in the water.
Have a good week.

imac said...

Beautiful lake there Gattina.

Jama said...

Gorgeous sky! just like ours right now, with the rainy season finally over.

Cezar and Léia said...

Breathtaking sky!
We have sun during the week and today it's raining! :(
I should know...it's weekend! :)
beautiful pictures dear Gattina, mainly the first one!I love it!

fredamans said...

Very beautiful indeed! I love the natural framing with the trees!


eileeninmd said...

Beautiful sky captures, looks like a wonderful place to hang out. Happy skywatching!