Feb 3, 2011


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Skies over my neighborhood


Judy said...

I really like the weeping willow branches against the sky!!

Sylvia K said...

Well, we're all tired of clouds and grumpy skies, but I do love the bare, black trees against those grumpy skies and they're all so different! However! I would still like to see some SUN for more than a few hours a week! I am wishing some for you and Arthur and Rosie this weekend!!!


Kay L. Davies said...

Is it my imagination or does that first photo contain a hint of green in the branches?
Beautiful photos, Gattina.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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eileeninmd said...

Beautiful shot, soon the trees will be turning green. The willow is a beautiful tree even bare.

EG CameraGirl said...

I like the silhouettes of the trees!

Unknown said...

oh, wow! lovely silhouettes.

diane b said...

Just love the first shot so picturesque and well balanced.

Beverley Baird said...

The skies make beautiful backdrops for the trees!

Anonymous said...

That first shot is spectacular - it looks as if it's raining branches!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Those barren trees are longing to be clothed again with leaves. When will spring come?


Sky by day or sky by night,
You are always my delight,
For in blaze or subtle hue,
Sky, my heart belongs to you.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Carletta said...

Wonderful tree silhouettes!
The willow is my favorite!!!

Karen said...

These are terrific shots. I love trees silhouetted against the sky.

fredamans said...

That first tree with the blue background, stunning!