Sep 4, 2010


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I found myself in household appliances


Eds said...

The moment I saw ur post, I wanted to sip a coffee! :)

jan said...

hehehe cool looking photos..nice one..perfect for the theme too..

my hot is here

see you

Sylvia K said...

Oh, great reflections, Gattina! And they definitely reminded me that it's time for a cup of coffee! Enjoy your weekend!


Carletta said...

I'm laughing at your caption of "I found myself in household appliances". You are too funny Gattina. Your reflections are certainly as unique as you are. :)

Cildemer said...

Great reflections! And now I feel like having a cup of coffee, but if I do I won't be able to sleep and its time to go to bed;o)

Have a nice weekend*******

allhorsestuff said... stuff! I love shiny metals like that!
IN fact...too cool I came over here, I loved your name.
I too have my WR Post=in a shiny kitchen object!
Nice to meet you!

joco said...

That is fun.
Your cookware seems a lot cheaper than ours.(UK).Nice to get a chance to look round a store like this.
Mmmmmmm, a topic for a meme?

James said...

I like these. It looks like they were fun to capture too. The top one is my favorite.

quilly said...

I love the title you have on this in my Google Reader. You did find yourself in the home appliances section! These shots are wonderfully, whimsically joyful!