Aug 5, 2010


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OUTDOORS (Park, Beach, Campground, Picnic, Mountains,...).

Outdoor fun

Different parks in Brussels


Anonymous said...

I love all these photos. Are those bubbles in the second one or some type of ornament? I like them whatever they are :)

Jama said...

The weather in the first picture looks a bit chilly for me to be outdoor, I think I just stay indoor! lol
Love that second photo, with the rainbow colors reflection on the bubbles!

jabblog said...

It looks too cold for ice-cream in your first photo. Those bubbles are gorgeous - you've caught the colours beautifully.

diane b said...

Nice outdoor shots. What are the things in the second shot?

We love Luna said...

Bonjour dear Gattina,
Always a great surprise!Adorable moment, your pictures are beautiful, specially that second one, it is wonderful!
purrs and love