Aug 14, 2010


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Airshow in Eastbourne (England)

Hotel at the seafront


YTSL said...

Errr... Gattina, have to admit that I'm having difficulty spotting the orange. Can I get some help please? (Thanks in advance!)

Sreisaat said...

Same here =)
I'm sure you have a funny background about this.

Sreisaat Adventures

Anonymous said...

I must be color blind LOL :) I too can see no orange :(

Eds said...

Me too.. maybe the name of the street is Orange or is it?

Anyways, lovely place! :)

Unknown said...

Where's the orange, Gattina? Is the street named 'Orange' maybe???
Well, it's always niced to visit you.
Happy Weekend!

Anna's PH-Orange

Cezar and Léia said...

wow that hotel is very charming!The weather here today is not so good, lots of clouds and I think some rain later :(
Great orange bus capture there, you have perfect eyes, good finder!
Enjoy your trip sweet Gattina!

Anonymous said...

is the lack of orange your post for orange? :)

Unknown said...

that is a beautiful building---this used to be an orange building, right?:p

Anonymous said...

LOL...too funny...Well Madame Chat on a big screen the bus is yellow to me as are the signs on the second photo. :) Oh well...I'm pretending they are all orange LOL :)

imac said...

Neat, hope you enjoying the UK Gattina.

Lorac said...

Great British pictures Gattina! Hope it is a great holiday.