Jul 15, 2010


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WEATHER (Sunny, Calm, Rainy, Snowy, Icy, Fog, Clouds, Thunderstorm, Lightening, Hail, Windy,...).

In Belgium it rains very often, in all four seasons, so we take rather pictures when for once the sun is shining. Compared to other countries, there are no special weather tragedies either. The winters are usually not too cold and the summers (when there are) not too hot.

For once the weather was sunny so I took a picture of our garden

Usually it doesn't last long and already clouds came up

That's the view out of my room and it rained cats and dogs this day

But sometimes I can also see wonderful sunsets promising a nice next day

and that the Waterloo Lion was covered with snow this year was very exceptional.


Anonymous said...

I live all of these but the lady one is da bomb!

Indrani said...

That is so nice to know, that there are no weather related tragedies. Here every season brings in causalities. Nice series of pictures.

jabblog said...

Sometimes you get all four seasons in one day, or so it seems! Great illustrations of changeable weather, Gattina :-)

MaR said...

Changing weather makes wonderful pictures!! love the pink skies. What lady is Thom talking about??

heart of stone

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour chère amie!
Beautiful pictures!Yesterday I was afraid about the strong wind here , more than the rain.But today it looks peaceful, we got a beautiful sunny day!It's a kind of relief, I'm always worried about storms.

Jama said...

We have more sunny days than rainy days here!

Meri said...

Lots of weather variety in those shots!

Julie said...

Hello Gattina, this is my first week for Thursday Challenge and I have mucked up the theme. But I shall get it right next week.

I like your array of shots showing lots of different weathers that you get. I wish we could share some of your rainy days.