Dec 3, 2009


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a very ugly part of Brussels along the main railway station

a special door


Anonymous said...

Well thanks for sharing the ugly part. I always wanted to see that LOL

Carolyn Ford said...

I guess every city has the "ugly" part. How sad for those who have to live and work there! But...they have windows and doors too! Thanks for sharing.

MaR said...

The ugly parts should be covered with Belgian chocolate.

Love that door!!

cream petals

Carletta said...

I smiled at Mar's comment about the chocolate - if only we could coat the bad parts of every city. We all have them Gattina. :)
I like the door!

My name is Riet said...

It is strange but also in Holland the ugly parts of the city are along the railroads

Dianne said...

there is a stretch of Brooklyn that looks just like this - I used to see it from the train on the way to work
small world :)

the door is beautiful

imac said...

I think most towns have slums near the railway.

Maia said...

Ugly view but the photo compositions are still nice. I like the last photo
with the inviting backdoor.