Dec 11, 2009


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Skywatch Friday

When I opened the living window shutters I saw this sky announcing rain again. (the long thing is the arm of a crane, a house is being built behind our garden)

But when I opened those of the kitchen I saw this sunraise, which gave some hope of a sunny day.

But again it rained the whole day !


Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots. In the second snap the yellow shades in the sky are fantastic.

Al said...

I like the sky on the second photo, looks like a bright sunny day, but you said it didn't, but you have captured a very nice photo of sunrise though.


Anonymous said...

I love that second shot. No Crane and that's no whopping either...:)

Ivon said...

Great sunrise. Too bad that it rained all day. thanks for sharing.

Enigma said...

I thought the first show was very interesting and it put a smile on my face....until I saw your second sunrise photo. It put a huge grin on my face. Love it! Have a wonderful weekend. Sorry about the rain. We had sleet yesterday in my little corner of the U.S. Winter is upon us......

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous captures, Gattina! The second one was definitely a teaser since you got the rain promised in the first shot anyway! Ah, well, I guess even skies have fun in their own way!

Have a great weekend and I hope you do get some sun!


Grace said...

Hello Gattina, The second photo has awesome shades of blue, unimaginable that the sky turned to rain. Rainy skies are usually so grey. Winter has arrived here in the past week by way of the temperatures dropping yet it's still "Fall season'' for a few more days.
I've visited here to this blog before , but not in a while.
Happy Sky watch Friday! Have a great weekend!

joshi daniel said...

beautiful sky!