Sep 13, 2009


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I saw this funny dog while taking pictures in a parc. I thought that he has more wrinkles as I have which is a comfort to me !


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I thought I had seen a mouse ?

Enjoying sunshine


Carletta said...

I was thinking about all those wrinkles as I looked at the photos and then I read your words - me too!!
Always good to see your kitties. Love the yawn!

LadyFi said...

Love that dog's wrinkles! Too cute.

Glennis said...

Those wrinkles look great on that pooch, I like his hang dog look!
Lovely snow white cat with the big yawn. I notice the many cat toys scattered around, looks like our house!

Snap said...

Looks like the dog in the Harry Potter movies! The wrinkles look good on him. Love the kitty photos, too ... with the toys! Can never have enough toys!

Anonymous said...

I love that dog. :) That's about what I look like I do believe. And I'm so not a cat lover as you know but Arthur is just starting to make me really like him :)

imac said...

Cute that dog, also the cat.
Well captured my friend.

Unknown said...

I love those big wrinkly dogs!

Anya said...

Its a really funny dog,
so many wrinkles ...... LOL

diane b said...

I think you look happier than the dog. He looks like he has the worry of the world on his shoulders. Arthur looks a very big cat, he is so well cared for (and the others too)

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

I always enjoy your 'critter' photos and these are no exceptions ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Carolyn said...

Wonderful photos of your furry companions. They bring so much joy into our life. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog.
Blessings ans smiles