Jul 21, 2009


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On saturday I went to a beautiful morrocan restaurant in Brussels. The decoration and the food were excellent.


From the outside



and a huge tent annexed to the restaurant for banquets and meetings.


Unknown said...

oh WOW! the interiors are fit for a Queen and her entourage (did you feel like a queen dining here?)!

Carletta said...

Lovely stone pattern on the outside walls and billowing vibrant red on the inside - gorgeous!
I'd want to sit on the side of the table with the head pillows. :)

Wolynski said...

I love this restaurant - it's like dining in a giant cocoon. I hope the food is as good as decor.

Anonymous said...

OMG...I thought you were in Morocco again. Beautiful I'm so glad you and Jientje are going to meet...how cool...and give me all the scoop on her before she comes to Hawai'i so I know what to be prepared for LOL

diane b said...

A Ruby Red Restaurant, how cool is that? It is very different.

Martha said...

Oh how wonderful! I hope the food was as great as the surroundings - I bet it was! Great shots :-)

amanda said...

Gattina, the color is Amazing what a great experience this must have been! I keep telling myself when I grow up I want to be you! LOL!

Mark Kreider said...

I think a bright surrounding helps people feel more social and happier. The Russian Tea Room in NYC was decorated similarly.

Your macro shots are fabulous!

Dianne said...

the interior is amazing!!
really beautiful

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You open the door—
your eyes are dazzled by red,
scarlet, vermilion!

My Ruby Tuesday

Jama said...

The interior is so nice! I wouldn't mind eating there just to enjoy the decorations.

Unknown said...

I like the patterned cushions, they look gorgeous.

Pietro Brosio said...

This restaurant looks fantastic!
I'd like to have lunch there!