Jul 12, 2009


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Swans asking for food



and cat Arthur looking at the world from upside down


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In a glass factory in Murano (Italy)


Pietro Brosio said...

Beautiful post!
Murano glass is really special, isn't it? :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love swans. And Arthur is hysterical. Wonderful colors in the glass factory. Well done my friend :)

diane b said...

Beautiful colours in the glass factory. The swans look so majestic and Arthur is a comedian.

Maribeth said...

Ah my darling Arthur, even upside down!

Sue said...

D'awww Arthur is adorable. I stopped in for Camera Critters, but I am also enjoying your other photos. The glass factory is so pretty too. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

Anya said...

Fantastisch blogje :)
Prachtige zwanen,
ik vind dat altijd mooie dieren:)

Arthur is een mooie kat,
Kareltje stuurt hem een dikke knuffel =^.^=

De laatste foto's is allemaal van glas, het is kleurrijk en leuke hebbedingetjes(kun je altijd wel ergens een plaatsje voor vinden)

Fijne zondag :)

Martha said...

Beautiful swans, adorable kitty and gorgeous. colorful glass shots! I love all the wonderful photos you've posted this week - especially skywatch and window views!

Carletta said...

You really got up close and personal with the swans! Great shots.
I used to be like Arthur when I was a kid. It's a whole different perspective.
And, is it Murano glass too by any chance?

My baby turkeys are here: Carletta’s Captures.

Unknown said...

The swans seem very friendly! But your kitty made me laugh! :)

storyteller said...

Marvelous critter photos ... love the upside down views and the beautiful swans too. Hmmm ... colorful indeed and reminds me I forgot to play this week. Perhaps tomorrow?
Hugs and blessings,

RW said...

Your a awesome photographer Gattina!

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Jama said...

I see some beautiful glassware, I definitely would love to buy some of them!

Anonymous said...

cute and beautiful :)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well it looks like Arthur was comfy, don't you wish we could be that relaxed? Great photos

srp said...

Now I would really love to visit this glass factory! Amazing!