Apr 3, 2009


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These pictures were taken this week in Waterloo, first blue sky then some fluffy clouds.

The last picture is a part of the battle field where Napoleon lost his battle.


Bryan said...

Perhaps Napoleon was too busy Skywatching. Beautiful photos!

Catherine said...

It's axways a good sign watching this blue above our head. Zvzn with fluffy ckouds.
Napoléon was here ! No way to escape to hide oneself somewhere. soldier alone in view of its resposabilities : That's to die or to kill.
Here, in France they found a few days ago a Mass Grave of inhabitants of the Vendée who fought against revolution. As Brittany, they were royalists. There were men, women, children, killed with a rare violence, said the expert. With furious energy, and many injuries.
I imagine, it was the same in Waterloo. except they were all soldiers.
Great week-end Gattina.

Pietro Brosio said...

It would have been much better Napoleon did some Sky Watch or tried to play golf instead of making battles! :-)
Beautiful images, Gattina.

Indrani said...

Beautiful series and I agree Pietro. :)

erin said...

like that beautiful pine in first shot and of course the field is beautiful...good captures.
have a wonderful weekend.

imac said...

Another great skywatch post from you Gattina

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lovely shots. My favorite is the last one. It looks peaceful.

GMG said...

Hi Gattina! A bit cloudy, but only if compared to Lisbon... ;))

Now, one week working without coming here and you don’t even remember that
Blogtrotter still exists. But it’s there, even if India 2008 has come to an end… ;)).
Have a great weekend!

TorAa said...

High sky over Waterloo.
Great view

storyteller said...

Beautiful skies ;--)
Hugs and blessings,