Mar 19, 2009


Thursday Challenge participants here

TIME (Hourglass, Clock, Calendar, Wristwatch, Hurrying,...)


A clock in form of a Ferrari steering wheel



and a Papyrus Calendar I bought in Egypt


Pietro Brosio said...

I like the Papyrus calendar: it's so nice and interesting!
Beautiful your new bright blog background too!

Catherine said...

Pietro is right, the background sparkles, Gattina, like your mind.

Where have you park the rest of your car ? In front of the Casino ? : )
You keep it for Ruby Tuesday ?

Jama said...

I see you buy a lot of goodies from Egypt!Interesting calendar.

Anonymous said...

Nice calender. Egyptians were masters of strarry skys and made fabulous paintings. And their legacy have standed times thousands of years. Can't imagine anything modern people does will stand that long. Have a great time on this weeks TC!

prkl, Finland

Leora said...

What a neat collection you have! Love the long slender dog.

kden said...

Great collections that I'm sure nobody else has. Thanks for sharing them.

imac said...

Love the wheel clock.

humanobserver said...

A unique clock :)

Heart of Rachel said...

The Papyrus Calendar has lovely artwork.