Mar 10, 2009


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When I go to church it is either for a funeral or for a wedding. This time fortunately it was a wedding. The church had beautiful windows which draw my attention.




and some red flowers too.


MaR said...

Beautiful windows and flowers, Gattina!
Happy RT :)

Jama said...

The windows are so beautiful!

Carletta said...

Those windows are gorgeous!
The flowers shot is nice. Did you use some kind of effect on those?

My post this week is on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures.

Leora said...

I am glad you went for a happy occasion. Love those stained glass windows. Such charm.

Linnea said...

Lovely windows and majestic church, too. It must have been a beautiful wedding...I'm with you - Those are the only times I'm ever in a church, too...Unfortunately for me, the last time was for a funeral, not a wedding. Enjoy RT!

Melli said...

Ohhhhh I LOVE these rubies! Especially the windows -- but the flowers too! Very nice!

Catherine said...

A good reason to find Red instead of black.

Anonymous said...

It lost my comment...Beautiful windows and great you got to go to a wedding not a funeral..

Jackie said...

Oh my these are wonderful. I especially love the stain glass windows!!

Happy RT:-)

Felisol said...

A beautiful, solemn, clean styled, highlofted church. Must be a fine place to search calm and attend a mass or a concert. The wonderful brick stone columns add class too.
I'd like to sit there all by myself, admire the superb stained glass windows in perfect peace.
From Felisol

Dianne said...

very beautiful windows!!

humanobserver said...

Gorgeous flowers :)