Mar 21, 2009


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Steps to the second floor in my favourite "junk" shop

a candle


and a sewing machine on a yellow table


MaR said...

It looks like a wonderful shop!! love the yellow candle.
happy weekend :)

YTSL said...

Nice photo picks for the theme. Love that long-necked cat candle! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

What cool "junk"!

I played too :)

kayerj said...

yellow, warm and inviting, just like your "junk shop"

Anonymous said...

We have a sewing machine like that, hand operated. It still works well.
Good yellows.

Anonymous said...

Great choices for the theme. I'd love to check that shop out too!
Mine's up.

Sandy said...

Love an antique shop.
MIne's up, too

Melli said...

I really DO want to visit this shop! *you forgot the pretty yellow tin behind the sewing machine!*

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Your photos for all your posts and a goldmine! I had fun looking through them.

I did yellow today, too! I hope you can come visit.

Have a great weekend!

PowersTwinB said...

Thats a very old Singer sewing machine! This looks like a really cool place to spend some time in! My hunt is up, please come and visit soon

humanobserver said...

Good captures :)

humanobserver said...

Good captures :)

eastcoastlife said...

I would love to see more of the junk shop and see what treasures I can find. :)

Jama said...

My mom used to have that sewing machine, she was a home-based tailor long time ago. She finally got rid of the machine and bought a modern electric machine .

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely cats lining the stairway.

That cat candle is so cute.

I remember my mom had a similar sewing machine back then.