Mar 10, 2009


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Bridal bouquet


Melli said...

THAT is a really nice shot Gattina! Maybe YOU should have been the wedding photographer!

storyteller said...

Lovely photograph ;--)
I played too on Sunday at Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

Catherine said...

I like how you focalize on the bouquet. Otherwise our attention would have been attract by the couple. Great idea.

RW said...

That is awesome I love the vintage look you have created here as well! :D

Pietro Brosio said...

You have composed very well the image. Lovely picture!

The Southern Mint Julep said...

Your photography is so lovely. I believe I enjoy the beautiful churches and stained glass windows (and the animals) the best. Fantastic shots. What kind of camera do you use Gattina?

Gattina said...

To Kathrine Dale,
I can't find your blog, I use a Sony Cybershot T 300. Very simple but efficient !