Mar 15, 2009


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This is not my cat Kim but a 20 year old cat from friends !

and Kim is only 9


Instead of an olive, Rosie needs a mouse in her drink !


Pietro Brosio said...

What electrifying eyes! Nice shots!
Have a good Sunday!

Dirkjogt said...

20 years! Not very common, I think 9 year is already old.

Anonymous said...

The two cats look almost identical. I love their mesmerizing eyes. Looks like Rosie is focused on her goal.

i beati said...

my favorite color black and looks like my departed Dolly sandy

Dianne said...

they remind me a bit of my Mia - fuzzy old gals ;)

rosie is adorable as always

Jane Hards Photography said...

Looking very youthful for 2O.

Gretchen said...

Every time I see your Rosie, I see our evil Darth Mittens. They look so much alike! :)

Huzhar said...

Kim is so beautiful, I like it's color, dark blue? And Rosie also is charming..

Unknown said...

Cool series. The perspective in the 2nd image is amazing showing the cat's eyes in a unique way

Catherine said...

You've also noticed, Gattina, how cats love olives scent ? Mine looks crazy when she smells one.
Kim and Rosie are perfect models. And Arthur ? He was resting. Doesn't want to participate to Camera Critters today ?

humanobserver said...

20 years and still growing strong ! Wow !

Manz said...

I'm a self confessed cat lover... these are some cute kitty cats!!

The top two look like they are family - not to mention they remind me of my baby girl Ella :)

20 years is fantastic! I hope I have the pleasure of so many years with my furry children.