May 26, 2008


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More participants here at Quilly's Alphabet

Letter Z = Zoo

This is entrance of the Zoo in Antwerp (Belgium)

Only Zebra legs as I couldn't find a Zebra !

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This was the last one ! whooo ... whooo ... whooo ! Any new idea ?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me/us to the zoo!! it's always a fun activity.
I am also sad to see the photo challenge coming to an end ::sob:: Let's see what we can do next!

Carletta said...

Another Zebra - of sorts - he is lovely though.
Check mine or Quilly's post for a project that started yesterday and one next week.

Dr.John said...

I really wanted a zoo but just couldn't find the picture. Zoo and Zebra just the right ending.

Melli said...

I remember these! That is STILL the most beautiful Zoo BUILDING I've ever seen! And that animal is just ... weird!

Karen Coutu said...

Zebra legs work for Z!! I never get tired of seeing photos from your travels.

Anonymous said...

I love these little zebra legs!

There are several new project ideas floating around. I have a post up about a couple over at my place. Carletta has a post up about one as well -- oh, I see that she's already said so!

It has been fun! Thanks for playing.

Robert said...

I guess part of a zebra is better than no zebra at all. Great picture. This has been lots of fun. I've enjoyed stopping by here.

Anonymous said...

This is an Okapi, and it is actually more closely related to a giraffe than a zebra. That little fact is even weirder then the animal looks -- given how the animal looks! However, the head does resemble a giraffes, as does the shape of the hind quarters.

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