May 25, 2008


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Letter Y = YAWN

I had no pictures of yawning Greek statues, people or Tourists available but a yawning




and Rosie

Please close your mouth now !


Melli said...

Oh! Mine is ALMOST about Yawn! But not! (starts with "Y" though...) How did you happen to catch ALL of them doing that?

Carletta said...

These are precious! I have two cats so I know they are a joy!
I wondered about Greece - "yawning statue" made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

So -- just checking my facts here -- according to your cats, you are quite boring?

Anonymous said...

Lol about Quilly's comment!
maybe you need to bring in some entertainer/entertainment for the cats!

Robert said...

Those are just way too cute. I love them.

Dr.John said...

Yawning cats. I am amazed at what Y pictures there are. Yours are great.

ratmammy said...

Wahaha!!! I love these!!! haha!! they are so cute!

Karen Coutu said...

I love them all, especially the first one. That little pink tongue is precious!!