May 23, 2008


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Letter W = WALL

These walls at the Corinth Canal in Greece had been built by thousands of slaves

A wall behind the Acropolis

The remains of a wall in Olympia where the Olymic flame is lightened


Anonymous said...

Wall! great take on the theme, Gattina and wonderful/educative shots of your trip.
See? those nice people let you take many pictures :)

Melli said...

Finally! Not water! Walls are WONDERFUL! Especially old ones falling apart from age! If you had not gone to Greece we would have had to look at just plain walls from your house! See? Greece is WONDERFUL!!!

Dr.John said...

I have just loved your pictures. I loved today's walls for W. I'll be sorry when it is all over.

Karen Coutu said...

That second photo is just beautiful! The architecture is amazing.