May 17, 2008


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Why do I wear a skirt ??
When visiting a monastir in Greece, women had to wear a skirt. For all women wearing trousers the nuns had skirts and gave me this one. It was so ridiculous because a woman could enter with a sleeveless T-shirt and a decolleté until the belly bouton but they had to wear a skirt !!


Carletta said...

That really is Questionable!
Don't you look gorgeous in that skirt...
Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

That's a good question, Gattina!! “Clothes do not make the man.” Or woman! And I don't see the point... but when in Rome, do as the Romans do...I guess!!
Couldn't you keep that "cute" skirt for your next party?
Here is my Q

Dr.John said...

The picture is also Quaint which is a Q.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Question was the perfect Q word! I also learned something interesting and silly, which is why I blog, of course -- to finad out all manner of new and interesting things!

Well done, Gattina!

Melli said...

Oh that is funny! And a great way to get around that dastardly "Q"!!!

Robert said...

Q for question...I wouldn't have thought of doing that. Good concept!

Minkydo said...

Great idea! That is a silly rule. One would think they would hand out tops as well.