May 28, 2008

FROM THE GROUND UP N° 1, 2, 3, 4

Better late than never, I join JFargo who proposed this nice theme and where you can find other participants.

As I have to catch up from 1 to 4 here are my first 4 pictures. From today on you will find me on the ground looking up ! I hope I won't stumble !

N° 4

I looked up to cat Rosie to catch her beautiful expressive eyes

N° 3

Here I looked up to the ceiling of a Gallery in Brussels

N° 2

And this strange ceiling I found in a restaurant in Greece

N° 1

To what I am looking up here needs no explanation, I looked up to cat Rosie and cat Arthur


Anonymous said...

When you looked up at car Rosie on the pink bed spread, she seemed to be a bit startled to see you on the floor!

Carletta said...

These are all wonderful images - so glad you joined in the fun!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, you were busy, busy catching up!
I see Arthur is always on top of everybody els :)
That's a great shot of him on the roof!!

Debbie said...

Outstanding catch up! I liked the unique ceiling in Greece and the Belgium photo! Great work!

juliana said...

gorgeous photos, each in its own way!

Dr.John said...

Great picture for the theme. I really liked the last one.

Melli said...

Good job Gattina! I love the look on Rosie's face lying on the bed! Very cute! That bamboo ceiling would have caught my eye too. Arthur is the dominant cat, isn't he?!