May 25, 2008


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My cat Arthur on my socks

17 year old Lisa still in good shape

An old lady's mops

and a beggar I had seen in Italy with his dog and two guinea pigs !


Misty DawnS said...

Wow - I am on cute-critter-overload! These are some adorable, beautiful, and C.U.T.E photos!

Love this post!

Carletta said...

That dog and guinea pigs seem to get along just fine!
Your babies are oh so cute too!

Juliana said...

great photos

My CC in here Thanks

Sharon said...

Your kitties and puggie are adorable! That was a great catch in Italy of the dog and guinea pigs.

i beati said...

your cats are splendid . I alwyas love seeing them . Unusual combo that dog and guineas.. sandy

Anonymous said...

That last photo broke my heart, Gattina. I hope that is a warm section of Italy (but the dog's coat belies that). what a sad life for all of them.