Apr 27, 2008


Rosie watches over my glasses.

Shina, my girlfriends dog on his favourite seat

Arthur's camping

In Amsterdam

Apr 25, 2008


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Signs of springtime lethargy

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    Last year I spent a week with my friends in Eastbourne (UK). I was lucky and had a wonderful weather ! So these pictures prove that it is not always raining at the English coast !

    a little cloudy but still a blue sky

    Lovely to sit outside and have a Cider !

    and then this beautiful blue sky ! Even more blue than in the south of France ! I took these pictures at the "Seven Sisters" which is the name of these cliffs.

    Apr 20, 2008


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    Cat Rosie and Arthur resting on my bed

    I needed a white background for a picture of this cat serie. Arthur was so friendly to pose !


    I saw this doggy taking a bath in a lake last week

    black swans

    Apr 19, 2008


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    These are different varieties of cats

    Crystal cats

    I needed a white background to point out the colors of these wooden cats. Arthur was so friendly and posed.

    and this happened when he thought he had posed enough !

    and "Russian doll" cats


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    Page 13 of a car model book (it was just laying around, otherwise I would have taken cats)

    N° 13 of a house in Waterloo, it happened to be there when I stopped at a red light

    and 13 € which I will spend but I don't know yet on what

    Apr 18, 2008


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    The as usual grey sky in Brussels at the Atomium

    Blue sky behind a sand sculpture in Bruges (Belgium)

    A cloudy sky at the Eastbourne habour in the South East of England

    cloudless blue sky over the Garda lake in Italy

    boring blue sky over the ruins in Turkey

    A thunderstorm is coming up over the Red Sea in Egypt

    Apr 13, 2008


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    Today it is the first time for "Camera Critters". For the moment I mostly have cat photos of course, but now I will try to also take pictures of other animals.

    My cat 11 months old Rosie

    A Beagle puppy, my friend had just adopted

    and cats in Turkey. I took these pictures while I was on holidays

    Apr 12, 2008


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    These twisted bamboo twigs started to get leaves ! I bought them last October. It looks very nice in this long vase and each week I put another little flower bouquet amongst them.

    Little cat Rosie twisted around to show me her affection.

    These rocks I saw in Turkey and they look quite twisted to me !

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  • Apr 11, 2008


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    I really don't know what happens, but lately when I look out of my window in the evening I see wonderful colored skies which I have never noticed before.

    Looking out on the front window

    and the back window

    At Easter we were blessed with snow, a late gift from Father Christmas because we didn't have any snow neither at Christmas nor during the winter months !

    and our Wheeping willow on Easter morning covered with ice against a blue sky !