Feb 24, 2008


When the weather is nice and sunny, summer or winter I like to go to sunday markets. Not for vegetables or fruits but just for walking around, watching people and looking at all these different things which are sold here. It goes from food over houshold appliances, textile, clothing, almost everything you need or wish. The prices are usually so cheap that you wonder how can they make some benefit on the sold things.

I saw this shoe stand on a market in Amsterdam (Holland) and found it so cute that the cat was watching over the shoes.

The biggest market in Belgium is in Brussels with more than 400 stands ! When the weather is nice it is quite crowded and you hear all kind of languages. Many tourists go there too.

These little shoes were sold for 5 € they are very cute so I immediately bought a pair. (The next week I bought another pair I couldn't resist).

Feb 22, 2008


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Our guest room is all in wood. Ceiling and walls covered with wooden pannels. It looks very cosy and smells good !

Our little garden shed where we keep all the garden stuff. This picture was taken in summer when cat Arthur was hurt and not allowed to run free.

This old wooden caroussel I found in Bruges when I went there for the Ice sculpture exposition

and then of course I have a lot of wooden cats in my cat collection.

Feb 16, 2008


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There are different meanings of "free" I choose these 4 pictures to show you what "free" means to me.

my passport. It allows me to freely cross the borders of the whole world.

My computer is my free window to the world

Dishwasher and washing machine allow me to be free to do more interesting things, while they wash for me

and this men distributed coffee for free in a restaurant in Turkey

Feb 10, 2008


Last year I re-discovered the big market which takes place each Sunday in Brussels at the South Station. The Midi market is reputed to be the biggest in Europe behind Ventimiglia on the Italian Riviera ! On average 450 stand holders (mostly Morrocans) sell here their wares of all varieties and prices. You can find almost everything, spices from all countries, meat, vegetables, fruits, clothes, fabrics, home suppliances, electric stuff, bags, suitcases, underwear, shoes, etc. etc.

So when the weather is nice I like to walk through the multi cultural stands, sometimes I buy some fruits or other things, I like to sit down at the terrace of a Bistro and watch people doing their shopping.

I took these two pictures on the Midi Market in Brussels,

and this one on our local market in Waterloo which of course has just the size of a normal weekly market. Mr. Gattino goes there every Sunday to buy fresh Italian food coming directly from Italy. He has his "private" supplier there a guy named Carmelo who sales almost everything and also serves as a meeting point to all Italians living around. They drink their espresso there and chat far better then the market women.

Feb 9, 2008


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Here are four heavy items I have seen lately :

A carved stone with a scarab on the top. The legend says if you turn once around this rock it brings you luck and long life.

a heavy elephant in the Zoo of Antwerp (Belgium)

this statue in an Exposition

and a "heavy" diver at the beach !
(I don't know him, I took the picture because I thought he was really big and he walked like a boat !)

Feb 1, 2008


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The word this week was very easy for me. I immediately thought of the very narrow streets in the little towns around the the Lake of Garda in Italy. It is the the place where Mr. Gattino is coming from and we have been there last year. If you want to see more pictures then just go here: The Lake of Garda (Italy)

There is not much room left when the town is just located between the lake and the mountains.
Driving on these narrow streets is fun ! I can tell you ! You have to be Italian to do it !