Jan 27, 2008


I live in Waterloo/Belgium, a small town but known all over the world. 53 other cities named after "my" Waterloo also exists all over the world. In the Waterloo Museum is a map where you can see the location of the other Waterloos.

Of course the most important thing in Waterloo is the battle field where Napoleon lost his battle against other European countries.

The Waterloo Lion sitting in the middle of the battle field and looks over to the UK.

Each year in June a reconstitution of the battle is made in Waterloo and soldiers from the participating countries are wearing the costumes of this epoch

Here are the Frenchs

The Panorama where you can see the battle scenes

Historical houses from that time

and a little café just in front of the Lion.

There are many tourists from all over the world who visit this place all around the year.

Sometimes on sunny days I go there, have a drink and watch the tourists. I then feel on holidays!

If you want to know more about the battle reconstitution go here Waterloo, reconsititution of the battle (Belgium) which I published on my travel blog.

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Jan 25, 2008


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This was a very difficult word for me, because I don't have old fashioned things around me. When something becomes old fashioned I throw it out and replace it by something new. Sometimes that could be an error because old fashioned things can become nice antiques.

Here are some old fashioned items but are now considered "antiques"

A little handbag in perls to put little things in to go to the Opera or Theatre.

This too is now old fashioned but was very useful to see actors or singers closer. It is made of ivory.

Nowadays nobody would use this old fashioned cigarette holder, it is also in ivory and the case in snake skin. When I think it over there must have been a lot of elephants and snakes which had been killed only for a fashion, and this is very deplorable. Fortunately today hunting elephants for ivory is not allowed anymore.

I have inherited these items and never used them !

I had to put it in red because of some comments !

Jan 18, 2008


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I will not talk about my family of course or my cats, because that's evident that they are important to me.

But there are other things very important to me as well.

N° one is my computer of course, what should I do the whole day without it ? I have time enough now that I am not working anymore.

My car is very important to me too because it represents my freedom. It takes me wherever I want to go and at any time.

To be able to drive my car everywhere I needed a GPS, I have no sense of orientation and arrive never there where I want to be. Now I am in peace, I arrive !!

My painting group, where each thursday morning I go painting. The tall blond one is me.

My room and office where I can relax, read, watch TV or receive friends without being disturbed in my privacy.

Jan 12, 2008


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This weeks word came just in purpose for me because sometimes on Sundays I take the train to the Brussels south station where a huge sunday market takes place.

Here I am waiting for the train in Waterloo

Other people have the same idea

Finally the train arrived

and this is the South station of Brussels

where I had to wait for my train home

just above me I had this nice view of the South Tower.


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I feel like a desperate housewife, I don't see anything skinny around me. Slim yes but not skinny and I suppose I can't say that a branch is skinny. I don't have any anorexic people around me either ....

and concerning my cats or Mr. Gattino I certainly can't say they are skinny. For example here Rosie the opposite of "skinny"

But finally I found something. Nothing is more skinny than a skeleton and I found this carved in ice when I went to the Ice Sculpture Exposition in Brugge (Belgium) (here are more pictures)

Jan 5, 2008


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Of course I thought about food when I saw the Photo Hunter's word for today.

My bread basket with a very special bread ! Kitten Rosie just 6 weeks old.

Salads like this I ate every day for lunch at the Red Sea in Egypt

Our New Year's Eve table

Delicous ice creame

and melons, artistically carved. I found them in Turkey

Jan 4, 2008


Here is Rosie she was born on May 5, 2007. I always wanted a "Tuxi" cat a black and white kitten with a mask on her face. In our animal shelter there was none. As it was a real dream of me I decided to use Internet and put in an advertising. A young couple whose cat had 5 kittens called me and said that they had a black and white little female. That was exactly what I wanted, a little female. So it comes that I know everthing from Rosie, I knew her mother and her siblings. When I saw her for the first time she was 10 days old and such a tiny little thing. Of course I had to wait until she would have 6 weeks and on June 13 I finally could pick her up.

This is now her "Gotcha Day" as the Blogging cats call the day they arrived in their "Forever homes" and it is celebrated in the Cat blogger's world.

I took this picture on Rosie's first day at home. She was so small that she couldn't stay in a normal basket, so I transferred my bread basket as a little bed for her. She slept in there until she got to big.

and here is Rosie today, 8 months old, already spayed and a beautiful little cat !

and she is not only beautiful but also very intelligent. One of her habits makes us smile every morning. During the night she collects all her toy mice which are all over the house and puts them neatly around the food bowls. All of them but one, that she puts in the water or a food bowl.

Usually there are 4 laying around.