Dec 31, 2008


To all of you !

and to make you smile on the last day of the year, here is cat Arthur looking for his mouse !

(I had put it on his head, but nothing disturbs Arthur !)

Arthur's new year's resolution

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Dec 30, 2008


I moved "My World" to my "Writer's Cramps

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Rosie sleeping in gift paper

Dec 29, 2008


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A street painter in Cologne


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No fly in the airplane, I waited for nothing !


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Semi precious stones

Dec 28, 2008


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For a change Mr. Gattino spends his Christmas night with Jersey the dog when we were in Amsterdam celebrating Christmas with our son.

That's how I found our cats when we came back
Arthur as Christmas decoration

and Rosie covered with her Christmas gifts !

Dec 27, 2008

ROUND ROBINS - Favourite Toy

In my 3rd youth it's hard to find toys in your house when you are not blessed with a bunch of grandchildren not to speak of only one. I am not at all updated with what kids play today except that they play with computers ! I never buy a toy when a baby is born, I always buy something more useful. I don't have any special toys kept from my childhood, I don't even remember with what I played except my dollhouse but that is since over 30 years in the attic.

But I have living toys, they are my favourites ! and there I am very much updated what kind of toys they like ! My "toys" today are my cats. We follow the rule of an old long married couple now without children which has to have at least one cat or a dog. In our case we have 5 cats (you can see them here on my cat blog). Unfortunately 3 of them are rather quiet and posh ladies who spent most of the time sleeping and grooming. The only male Arthur prefers to play outside with real stuff. Remains little Rosie.

Rosie only loves this kind of toy. That's her favourite ! Green, red and yellow mice (or mousies as cat lovers call them) filled with catnip.

Usually I give her 2, but after a week with intensive playing the mouse has no tail and no eye anymore and the stuffing hangs out and it looks ready for the bin.

For Christmas Rosie got 4 ! Is she happy !

During the night Rosie ranges her mousies around or even in the food bowls. I never found out why. But that's what I usually see in the morning or one is swimming in the water and the other in the bowl.


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This is Jersey dogsitted over Christmas by our son with his squeaky duck

now they are sleeping, but I am sure when they wake up there will be a squeaky concert ! Picture taken at the farmer's market in Waterloo.

Dec 26, 2008


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Skywatch Friday

A blue winter sky showed up over the Christmas market in Brussels

If you want to see more pictures of the Brussels Christmas market go to my travel blog here

Dec 24, 2008


To all of you, my dear friends and the whole world !

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If you want to visit with me the Brussels Christmas market it is here

Dec 23, 2008


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One of the Christmas trees in a Supermarket with a special doll ornament.

If you want to visit with me the Brussels Christmas market it is here


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For a little Christmas market the City of Waterloo had built up a heated tent.

Father Christmas wasn't there yet

but there wer wafer spits ! I had never seen that

all kind of ceramic figures as napkin rings

handmade things


gift ideas

decorations from Peru

This would have been a stocking for me !

hot wine

honey and jams


cookies and chocolates

If you want to see the Brussels Christmas market then you have to go here on my Country and City blog. It's a very big one with about 200 stands and a lot of other attractions.