Dec 2, 2007


If you want to see my pictures of the historical sites in Egypt they are here

This time the Round Robin's word was almost made for me. I came back from my two weeks holidays in Egypt with these sparkling things :

A little box for rings and earrings with a scarab on the top

A little cat in a glass ball

and two wonderful silver rings with nacre and zirkons. The last one shows two dolphins.


Steven said...

Neat little cat! The rings look fabulous. Sparkle! Welcome back :-)

Carly said...

Hi Gattina :)

You chose some lovely examples sparkly things. I especially enjoyed the snow globe. :) Wonderful photo entry as always.

-Carly :)

MariesImages said...

You have a large selection of sparkles! I like the last ones...they REALLY sparkle! Ü

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, nifty! I love the little box and the sparkly ball. Well done! And what a great place to get to see!

MyMaracas said...

Nice collection of sparkly things there! The box is especially interesting. What's inside?


barrettmanor said...

Oh, don't let Abby see Bastet. She'll ask me to worship her. Again.

Great stuff!