Nov 3, 2007


I am leaving this Friday afternoon for 2 weeks Holidays in Egypt. Therefore I had to post early ! The next time I will post from there. Wish me good look with the Internet connection !

A classical Italian pick up with 3 wheels in the front. It is very much used by owners of grocery stores, for market supplies or just as a car. This one belongs to my brother in law.

A classical book furniture

A classical beer mug, which belonged to my grandpa

and a very classical Christmas decoration


MaR said...

Great choices for classic!!I remember your granddad`s beer mug. Have a wonderful vacation, relax, enjoy and I hope you find a speedy and cheap-o internet connection! This is from downtown Hamburg, 3 euros/20 min, it isn´t bad, and it is FAST!
Gute Reise!

YTSL said...

Hi Gattina -- Hope you have a wonderful time in Egypt! :)

ipanema said...

great choices for the theme! :)

have a safe trip!

Happy weekend! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Interesting classic choices. I love that nice book shelves. It would be great to have a corner library at home.