Oct 27, 2007


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A bathroom pot for cotton

My pink bathtube

pink roses

I made this ceramic cat myself for make up things

and a pink lobe

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  • I got stuck in an automatic car wash tunnel with this "tin" 2CV. If you want to read it it's here

    Oct 21, 2007


    These are some pictures out of my shadow land. They had been manipulated by a ghost who haunted my computer last night.

    a stabbed boy !!

    A young girl in a grave isn't that terrible ?

    and the skull he wore under his arm and dropped in my garden.

    Haunted Dad with son

    and a haunted old school in Shadowland ...

    Oct 20, 2007


    Cats are very pratical ! For example

    as bed warmers

    for clearing up a wardrobe

    as dishwashers

    as shoe warmers

    for decoration purposes

    And it is very pratical when one is working and all the others are watching !

    These pictures were taken while preparing our painting exposition

    Oct 13, 2007


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    Fortunately for you the following pictures are not smelly only the subject they show !

    My friends new little doggy had just eaten, lay besides me and ..... farted.

    In Amsterdam on a market, the cheese stand was quite smelly !

    Some people's shoes are more than "smelly" but new shoes can be smelly too !

    A fish can be smelly especially when it's old. These are the head and a tail of a fish I had eaten and put together as a "Still Life".

    And today at the supermarket the fish stand was quite smelly too !

    Oct 7, 2007


    Most of all European average backyards are not very big especially in cities. There is not enough room. To Americans, Australians and Canadians, it may seem very small but everybody here is happy when he can call even a little handkerchief sized backyard his own.

    Our backyard is not very much larger then the backside of the house 6 m (20 ft) on each side.

    But big enough for us to enjoy the garden when the weather is nice. Here you can see cat Kim taking a sunbath.

    Behind our garden was a big corn field which we could enjoy over 30 years, but now houses are beeing built unfortunately.

    We have a very big wheeping willow tree at the end of our garden. 30 years ago it had been a small stick with some leaves and now ....

    Fortunately we are very lucky to have a small wood which seperates us from the next houses and gives a nice view. Here is a sunrise.

    Oct 6, 2007


    If interested, there are a few new paintings of me here

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    I couldn't find anything very curvy here around me and nobody looking like Pamela Anderson.

    But here you see the curvy road around the Waterloo Lion Hill, historical place where Napoleon lost his battle.

    The curvy road around the Central Station in Brussels

    The curvy tail of cat Arthur because he had been bitten and it's not yet healed.

    and my curvy kitchen table !

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