Sep 9, 2007


People tend to stick with certain things to photograph... you know, flowers, kids, sunsets, dogs... all the stuff I love too! I think it would be a great thing for the Round Robins to take a shot at something that they would never normally try to photograph. It's time for us to get out of our comfort zones, and open our eyes to the various art that exists, but is perhaps hidden somewhat.

Indeed I would never have thought about taking a picture of behind a stage ! With all these cables and strange boxes !

or here a basement window with a cat bowl in it. A pity there was no cat !

or a woman taking money ! I would rather have gone there to take some for myself

Or poor cat Arthur in a very private situation !


Carly said...

Hi Gattina :)

Ummm... YEP... you did indeed find the differentness. LOL. Great photos as usual. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heh, heh, heh. Those are different, all right! I like the woman at the ATM the best. I'm still trying to translate that French: Your specialist, drugs on credit?

Anonymous said...

what's the red and white striped thing next to the ATM?

Suzanne R said...

LOL! Interesting photos -- poor Arthur, though. Hee hee! You did a great job of finding "different" scenes.

Steven said...

Different indeed! Good shot of the cat. I have an enclosed box so I don't have to see that anymore :-)

Great shots!

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