Jun 30, 2007


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What else could I post for this week's word "sweet" than my sweet little Kitten Rosie which I have since 10 days ! Rosie is now 7 weeks old.

waste paper basket

the bread basket

more about kitten Rosie is here

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  • Jun 27, 2007


    These are cocoons with silk worms. Detail : look at the fine silk threads they make

    Rocks at the beach. Detail : little birds

    Souvenir shop in Turkey. Detail : Look at the back there is a strange detail on the figurines.

    Roman ruins. Detail : a cat taking a sunbath

    An armchair with my kitten Rosie. Detail : the red lazer point with which she is playing

    Jun 22, 2007


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    I took these pictures in Istambul during my trip through Turkey.

    Shiny lamps and jewlery in the Istambul Bazar

    Inside of the Basilica Cistern dating from the 6th century the water furnished Istambul

    Inside the blue mosque

    wonderful shiny mosaics

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  • Jun 21, 2007


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    You can't deny but this is summer too ! I took these pictures of some russians coming out of the sea in Sharm el Sheik in Egypt. There were so different species !

    Jun 16, 2007


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    This was the most difficult theme for me until now ! No hair pictures ! Finally I found these two :

    My son 10 years ago had long hairs till his shoulders and looked like JC Super Star ! I was afraid when I met him in the dark, with these long hairs hanging down ! Then he had cut them off to a brush !! Now they are "normal" !

    Kim also has long hairs without any doubt

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  • Jun 13, 2007


    This is rather funny : a nun with a cap against the sun ! I have seen her in Turkey.

    Everybody would believe that this is snow, but it isn't ! It is chalk or limestone which mother nature has formed here in Turkey.

    A strange mushroom which grew just in front of our garage door

    Jun 11, 2007


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    Turkish coffee maker, ground coffee is put in a little copper cup together with sugar and water and then heated up until it boils. Then it is served in a little glass. You have to wait that the coffee sits otherwise you get it all in your mouth !

    Remaining greeks are producing wine in a little turkish village

    and cat Arthur drinks water

    Jun 9, 2007


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    Shoes on Waterloo market

    Watching over shoes, market in Amsterdam

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  • Jun 8, 2007

    I AM AWAY- Don't forget me !

    Below are Foto Pherret, Round Robins and Photo Hunters !

    Free Countdown Clocks at WishAFriend.com

    I will be on holidays from 29 may til 9 June. I will do a round trip through northern Turkey and probably not be able to blog during this time.

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