May 30, 2007


As you know perhaps I am member of a group of leisure painters after a few years of Art School. So what else to show then my own art ?

The theme for this year's exposition in October is "ethnic" and I choose Egyptian statues but also a real cat, Dragonheart, because he is a sphinx.


I have to post early this time because I am on a roundtrip trough Turkey and on the 30th on the way to Istambul !

These are all mailboxes I found here in my area in Waterloo

and my own mailbox

May 26, 2007


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I took these colorful pictures during our holidays in Egypt last year in December.

colorful costume of a whirling dervish

vegetables transformed into flowers

colorful market and spices

Original lamps

A colorful restaurant

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  • May 23, 2007


    Image Hosted by

    Brown stuff on Brussels' flee market

    brown carpet on the flee market

    Little brown girls !

    My "brown" cat Lisa

    and Oopsie the neighbor's ferret which slowly gets his brown fur, he still is a baby


    There is nothing crazy in my household except my cats and myself, so I thought I would put some crazy hats on my head. Even though only virtual !

    May 19, 2007


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    These photos were taken on Brussels "Midi Market" taking place every sunday morning.


    Moroccan Tajines for cooking couscous

    women buying vegetables for cooking. We are not in Morocco, but in Belgium. Many Morrocans are living here.

    A stand where you can buy a plate of cooked very tiny mussels which look like little snail houses. You pull the cooked meat out with a tooth stick. It's a typical Belgian speciality and you can find these stands mostly on markets.

    and the necessary vegetables for cooking

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  • May 16, 2007


    My bathroom is pink and therefore a lot of pink things in it !

    pink bathtube with cleaning "instruments". See also the little pink duck ! For the cats to play with.

    a cotton containing cat

    pink roses as left over from Motherday

    a make up holder, (I did it myself in ceramic lessons)

    and a pink towel !

    Now you can see "la vie en rose" (life in light mood)

    May 12, 2007


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    These are pictures of last years celebration of the Waterloo battle reconstitution with the participation of all nationalities of this battle.

    (and you kindly informed me that I am also one year late, as today's theme is "FIVE" ! Sorry, please be happy with five pictures of this reconstitution !)

    The French (who loose)

    Women with food and first aid equipment

    Can't be others but Scotts ! (please don't ask me what they are wearing under their skirts ! I didn't look !)

    A scottish drummer

    and of course Napoleon who especially came out of his grave !

    If you want to see more pictures about this reconstitution, you can find them here
    on my blog "Countries and Cities".

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  • May 9, 2007


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    I really don't know if flamengos can fly but they are birds. I took this photo in the Antwerp (Belgium) Zoo

    That's the same with these little guys, they are birds, lay eggs but can't fly ! Also from Antwerp Zoo

    Flying flags at the Antwerp City Hall

    and flying skirts of a whirling dervish in Egypt

    If you wish to see more pictures of Antwerp and its Zoo you can see them here