Apr 4, 2007


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The biggest challenge for me since weeks was to be able to change my blogs' templates completely. And I wanted to do it all by myself without asking anybody. It took me some time, but I made it ! And here they are :



Now, before it was the same as the first template






Carly said...

Hi Gattina :)

Your blog looks wonderful. I can see how much work you have done here. Good job! :) I love the clouds, by the way... lovely touch.

Always, Carly

kmm said...

Thats too big of a challenge for me. I tried once and only succeeding in wrecking it. It was just lucky I had cut and pasted the original so was able to put it back. Your new one looks great. Cheers Kerrin

Suzanne R said...

Nice work, although a lot of what you say is Greek to me. :-) I'm glad you were able to accomplish what you have with your blogs.

MariesImages said...

Changing your blog can be a big challenge, totally understand it! Looks great & lovely photos through out the post makes it so inviting....Going to check out the rest of your blog~

Teena in Toronto said...

Good job!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Good for you! So many people are afraid to tackle these things, and your level of customizing is more adventurous than most. Great idea for this Challenge!

Steven said...

Hey Great! I put a lot of effort into my blog templates and it's a nice feeling to see the results. Good job.

Anonymous said...

good for you! and the 'now' looks fantastic!