Apr 28, 2007


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This weeks word is rare. And here are rare items :

very old chinese porcelan cats

a medal from Napoleon, he gave to his soldiers while on exile in St. Helena. There are only about 100 left in the whole world.

and my grandpa's beer mug. Maybe mugs are not rare but this one is to me. The top is of pewter with his name engraved and there is the weapon of Hessen/Germany on it. When I was a little girl I was very proud to go into the local pub and ask to fill in the mug which I carefully carried back for my grandpa. There was no bottled beer in this small little town.

I bought this bamboo batons because of their symmetry and suddenly leaves grow. Isn't that rare ?

Apr 25, 2007


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A belly danser dancing to the MUSIC

Different dancing views of a Whirling Dervish dancing to the MUSIC

Apr 21, 2007


I live in an historical place, Waterloo. It's in Belgium and it was here that the French emperior Napoleon lost his battle against the British, Germans and Dutch and had to go in exile. The battle was in June 1815. It is said that this battle has determined the Europe of today. Otherwise maybe whole Europe would speak French today, which is no problem for me, as I speak french anyway. But because of Waterloo, France remained France like you see it today.

The phrase to meet one's Waterloo (or similar) has entered the English language as a word signifying a great test with a final and decisive outcome—usually a negative one, in recognition of Napoleon's defeat. The group ABBA also made a song about Waterloo.

This is the Lion which was erected in memory to all the soldiers who died on this battle field. The Lion faces the UK and turns his back (with tail) to France, because they lost.

To get to the top of the Lion's hill you have to climb up 226 STEPS ! I did it several times with friends who visited us from abroad and I can tell you it is very hard !!

Tourists going up and down the steps

Story of the hill

The construction of the hill and the 226 steps.

Besides the hill a Panorama was built where you can see the battle

Apr 19, 2007


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2nd anniversary for the ROUND ROBINS

My cat Arthur has the most silly and most funny sleeping poses. I have never seen a cat sleeping like he does. I could fill a whole Album with his different sleeping ways !

Arthur not in the cat house but besides and not like a normal cat on his belly but always on the badk !

He didn't faint, he just sleeps and dreams

He even can fall asleep while sitting !

or looking like a stuffed plush cat

sometimes he also like to sleep "under cover"

Apr 18, 2007


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Nothing is better then watching a cat play, especially when you had a stressful day or you are not in a quite good mood. They always make you laugh !

Pookie is hunting little fur mice and hides them under the carpet

Arthur likes to play with water and is waiting for the next drop coming out to catch it.

and Lisa likes to play with a ribbon

Apr 14, 2007


Images for your blog

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My hobbies are

Painting, this is my last finished picture. The theme was "ethnic" it represents the statue of an Egyptian godess in cat form. More of my paintings you can see here

Writing of course

This is only a part of our library, I love reading

Not to forget collecting cats !

if you want to see them better click on the picture

Apr 11, 2007


OUPSI, my neighbor's ferret presents : SPRING

Spring in my neighbor's garden a Magnolia

For Napoleon it's spring too, he overlooks his battle field

For the 1st time this year, my son is sitting in the garden

and cat Arthur inspects the growing leaves on the bushes

Apr 7, 2007


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To everybody !

The living room is cleaned and decorated for Easter. Pookie looks at the last details

Oupsi (my neighbors furret) had just been bathed is is now clean ! (More Oupsi pictures below)

A white cat has a lot of work to be clean from top to bottom !

Even the belly has to be clean !

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