Feb 28, 2007


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Asking a pure cat fan to make pictures of a dog, what a scandal ! But fortunately cat Arthur has a big friend, and big in sizes too ! when he stands up, he is about 1.65 and weights only (!) 60 kg, against Arthur not even a meter and 5 kgs ! But friends are friends and they love each other.

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This is Yanouk the neighbor's dog, who just had an operation. I found him so cute in his shorts and T-shirt, it's not to make him ridiculous, but to avoid that he scratches himself. This photo I took already before knowing the word of this week !

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Yanouk as he looks usually

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Dog buiscuits, which we always have at home for him. He is the nicest and most friendly dog I have now, because in some way he belongs to us too, we are only seperated by a fence, and he loves us and the cats !!

Feb 27, 2007


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I spent whole week with looking for fonts to add to my header. As I don't have photoshop or other programs to add a text in a picture, I had to find out another way.

I asked my friend Google for "Banner makers" and got some addresses, but there was nothing I really liked and when I liked it Blogger refused it. And then finally I found the right way and the right banners. It was about time, because between writing, making comments, answering emails I also had to return to real life from time to time !

And here are the results for my blogs.

This is not a fur mop but my cat Kim. She really needed a good brush !

That was another tackle

Feb 24, 2007


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Soft drinks

The red one was called "Tom & Jerry". Made with cold Karkadee tea, lemon, grenadine and orange juice

Soft Egyptian cushions

a soft cat with a soft heart

Painting with soft pastel

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  • Feb 21, 2007


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    It was very hard for me to find something "walking" ! Usually I never think to take a picture of walking people, dogs, or cats, it's just not my cup of tea to walk ....

    People walking in the main street of Croydon (England)

    The castle of Hastings (South-East coast of England)
    along the beach
    Street in Rye (South East coast England)

    Walking up to "Seven Sisters" (South-East coast, England)


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    A red heart
    Red hat and white cat

    Red cushions

    Red cat and bed

    Feb 20, 2007


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    When you are retired, blogging can easily become a full time job ! Not really a job, but more an occupation and a hobby. There is almost nothing to do anymore in the household and no kids around so if you don't want to shop the whole day or running useless from tea party to tea/champagne party you have to find something which fills your days with something you like to do.

    This week I had to go to the Atomium here in Brussels, because I wanted to write about it for my Countries and Cities Blog. The Atomium was built in 1958 for the world fair "Expo 58" and is the official sign of Brussels. It had been completely restored and I wanted to take some pictures of the new Atomium.

    Then I exercised a little with Picasa

    and tried to find out some nice fonts.

    As I also write for Belgium in Topics from 192 countries , (an international blog, where one person writes about his/her country) I had to get 4 pictures of the Belgian city Binche's carnival in one. As there are so many countries only one photo is allowed per post.

    So as usual I had nice tackles and enjoyed the week.

    Feb 17, 2007


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  • here

  • The following antiques I have inherited from my Grandma and my mother in law. She gave it to me, because she thought I would be the only one in the family to appreciate these wonderful things. Which is true !

    a medal from 1821 which Napoleon I gave to his soldiers for distinguised services. I have been told that there are only 100 pieces left in the whole world. I lent it to the Museum of Waterloo. (from my mother in law)

    Cover from old fashion magazines dated end 1800. I have 4 of them. They belonged to my grandma

    little bonbon box with the picture of Austrian Emperior Franz-Joseph, the husband of Elizabeth of Austria (called Sissi). These boxes were given to the guests attending the wedding 1854.

    Another table decoration

    a handmade purse from beginning 1900 (from my grandma)

    in ivory carved scenery, framed
    (from my grandma, I have two of them)

    handpainted cups and plates from beginning 1900. They belonged to my grandparents.

    Feb 14, 2007


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    an Egyptian whirling dervich

    a shop in Sharm el Sheik (Egypt)

    cat Arthur is ready to go with a red suitcase

    one of my T-shirts