Jan 15, 2007


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My holidays really ended this week and I had quite a lot to do with catching up on my computer work, emails to be answered, photos to be filed etc. etc. of course with the eager helping Pookie, as you can see.

I don't know what our cats had done during our absence, but all cables hang out of the basket in which I had put them and covered with a little towel, because of the dust. Apparently they worked and had fun under my desk. Or they slept on the cables as you can see here with cat Arthur ! So I had to range the cable salad.

I also started with my painting group and finished a painting.

Then I had to look for inspiration for a new painting this time with a theme "ethnic". Instead of taking a native american with feathers or an old Roman, I choose this egyptian godess because of my holidays in Egypt and because I always paint cats !

The latest task was fun, I put away my little souvenirs I bought for myself (except the silver cross). 6 little porcelan saucers with Egyptian hyroglyphes, a glass ball with an Egyptian cat and crystals around and wonderful papyrus bookmarks with pharaons.


Anonymous said...

OK, that was another type of tackles, that I'd much rather would have wanted to do!!!

I love this pic of Artur with his cable friends :-)

The souvenirs where both fun and interesting, I can see why you bought just that ones!

Jen said...

Your painting is fantastic! I was looking at some of your pics from Egypt. I had never really thought that I wanted to go there, but it looks really amazing.

Great tackle!!